Brizo Venuto

A hands-free faucet optimized for the cook's kitchen


Brizo‘s new Venuto introduces touch-activation to a faucet with a strong geometric profile, making a busy cook’s kitchen a little more convenient and cutting down on germs. When Brizo offered us a unit for our office, we jumped at the chance to replace a basic fixture that wasn’t quite meeting our needs. Initially responses to the Venuto were mixed (some compared it to the infomercial classic, “The Clapper”), but its innovative SmartTouch sensor system and overall design ultimately elicits more thumbs up than down.

The touch technology turns water off and on (indicated by an LED light) with a simple tap to the spout or lever, which easily translates to a wrist or forearm bump. While keeping freshly washed and contaminated hands from sharing the same knob might help soothe OCD flare-ups, the real utility is how streamlining the small repetitive task makes cooking and clean-up easier.

One of six features included on the faucet, the Venuto also conserves water and energy with its E.P.A.-certified WaterSense capability, streaming less water per minute than the average faucet (1.5 gallons), while the Smart Touch sensor automatically turns the faucet off after extended use.


Another highly appreciated feature around CH HQ, the first-of-its-kind magnetic docking spray wand has a sturdy feel and makes rinsing easy.

The Venuto comes in a variety of sizes and finishes and is available from Altherm or a dealer near you.