Transcend is LA’s Career Fair for the Transgender Community

Today, the Los Angeles Trade Center is playing host to Transcend—a career fair specifically for the transgender community. With 80+ employers taking part (from Paramount to UCLA), the event was organized by social worker and trans rights advocate Jason Hill. Transcend is a crucial initiative; the statistics surrounding transgender people at work are astounding—from the unemployment rates, to treatment in the workplace, to income and …

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Farewell, Jackie Shane

Jackie Shane, an influential figure in soul music and the LGBTQ+ community, has passed away at 78 years old. Even though she helped define the R&B sound of the ’60s and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Historical Album this year, her work transcends music. Shane identified as a woman from the age of 13, before the term “transgender” was used.  More than an entertainer, she …