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LGBTQ+ Non-Profit Organizations To Support

Life-saving services, financial assistance, rights advocacy and more crusades for the queer community

An array of organizations actively reinforce the rights that LGBTQ+ people have won in their struggle for equality, and many more continue to fight oppression, injustice and violence against the queer community. Not only during Pride, but all year long, it’s important to keep these organizations top of mind and assist when possible, be that through volunteering or financial support. Pride should be a time to celebrate your identity and find love for yourself, but it is also necessary to demonstrate gratitude to the pioneering individuals who came before us and current-day activists and organizers, as well as helping those in need, in particular the more marginalized members of our comprehensive LGBTQ+  community. Below we have listed 10 of our favorite organizations to support now, and in the future.

Courtesy of Emergency Release Fund

Emergency Release Fund

On a mission to help trans individuals get out of NYC jails before their trial, Emergency Release Fund pays cash bail. As such, contributions are welcome all year long. Because of discrimination, trans people face a higher risk of assault and death in detention. Further, “they are less eligible for pre-trial release,” according to Emergency Release Fund.

Courtesy of For The Gworls

For the Gworls

For the Gworls is a Black, trans-led organization that offers financial support to Black transgender people to curb homeless, contribute to gender-affirming surgeries, reduce co-pays for medicines and doctor visits, as well as assist with necessary travel. They do so through monthly hosted parties (which were suspended during COVID). Thus, donations mean more than ever, and go directly toward their initiative fund.

Courtesy of The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project

The leading national organization for crisis intervention and suicide prevention, The Trevor Project offers free 24-hour-a-day services (including a hotline, an online chat and text conversations) to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Donations support this confidential crisis counseling and other life-saving initiatives.

Courtesy of the Center for Black Equity

Center for Black Equity

A global network of LGBTQ+ people, organizations and allies, the Center for Black Equity supports Black LGBTQ+ individuals and communities through economic equality, healthcare and the quest for equal rights. Donations directly impact the network, and their social justice and wellness programs.

Courtesy of Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline

Run by members of the trans community, the non-profit organization Trans Lifeline maintains a hotline for peer support and offers micro-grants to trans people in crisis situations. They also guarantee interventions will be police-free. Donations go toward maintaining both—and this month they are prioritizing BIPOC individuals in their micro-grants program. You can also register to fundraise on their behalf.

Courtesy of The Marsha P Johnson Institute

The Marsha P Johnson Institute

Named for the activist, performer and influential Stonewall figure, The Marsha P Johnson Institute advocates for Black transgender people, as it nurtures a community for healing and protection. Donations help the non-profit organize the community, educate leadership, launch initiatives and strategic campaigns, as well as employ Black trans individuals.

Courtesy of LGBTQ Freedom Fund

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

From covering bail to legal case management and medical-legal-social services, the LGBTQ Freedom Fund aims to keep pre-trial queer people safe across the US. Donations go toward the bail fund, as well as much-needed policy change advocacy regarding LGBTQ+ over-incarceration. The organization also offers volunteer roles.

Lambda Literary

Predicated on the belief that LGBTQ+ stories must be published, shared, preserved and championed, Lambda Literary advocates for and affirms queer writers, granting access to readers. Donations help to bring LGBTQ+ books to schools, provide scholarship opportunities for emerging writers and even work on audience reach.

Anti-Violence Project

Through their 24-hour bilingual hotline, counseling and support groups, the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) provides free, confidential support to the LGBTQ+ community and HIV-affected people. AVP also coordinates the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) to extend their services across the US. Altogether, their mission is to help survivors of violence, and to develop advocates for safety through community education and outreach, and more—all of which is benefitted by donations.

Courtesy of Folx Health

Folx HRT Care Fund

In support of the life-changing Folx Health healthcare service, the HRT Care Fund utilizes donations to support “100 trans, non-binary, and intersex folx to access hormone replacement therapy care.” These donations can be made to the HRT Care Fund, but are managed and distributed by Trans Lifeline.

Hero image courtesy of Daniel Quasar


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