New Treatment EBT-101 Could Provide a Breakthrough Cure for HIV

Excision Biotherapeutics’ groundbreaking HIV treatment, EBT-101, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to begin testing for its first phase of human trials. This new treatment relies on the Nobel Prize-winning, gene-editing technology CRISPR to successfully remove HIV proviral DNA from human cells. Scientists believe that this one-time treatment will “functionally cure” people from the virus, meaning only small traces of the HIV genome could be leftover—a quantity so small, it wouldn’t cause someone to test positive. In contrast to antiretroviral therapies (a current life-long treatment that doesn’t provide a functional cure), EBT-101 could be a milestone toward curing the virus and ending the epidemic. Learn more about the innovative treatment at Them.

Image courtesy of Javier Zayas/Getty Images/Them