Creatives Drink Event Series Brings Local Talent Together

Pittsburgh's ideal indoor venue plays host to a milestone gathering

The free Pittsburgh-based event series Creatives Drink, which was founded by Cody Baker (a photographer and event planner) and Chancelor Humphrey (a photographer and radio DJ) in 2015, is celebrating its 10th iteration at the city’s most recognized venue, Stage AE. The multi-functional destination will afford the duo more space than ever before—as their ambitious programming occupied coffee shops and bars before sizing up to …

eero: No More Internet Dead Zones

A home WiFi system that keeps you connected

Sponsored by eero

Nearly all homes have a WiFi dead zone: you never get messages in the kitchen, you can’t watch Netflix in the bedroom, you can’t FaceTime in the backyard. This is simply because most of us have one WiFi router for our entire home, and that just doesn’t work for how we use Internet today. WiFi waves don’t easily travel up and down stairs, through walls …

The Knock Knock App

Easily share the contact info you want with this new connectivity app from the Humin team

From Humin, the company behind the relationship-based intelligent contacts platform (which remembers how you met a new person), comes a new way to make exchanging contact info less cumbersome. New app Knock Knock uses Beacon and Bluetooth technology to link phones and, after two knuckle taps on the screen, you’re connected to whoever else is on using app and nearby. There’s the option to find …