Sonos Play:3

The latest power-packed sound machine from wireless streaming experts Sonos


We’ve been rocking out with a variety of Sonos products in the Cool Hunting office for years, gaining a great appreciation for the functionality of the comprehensive wireless streaming products in the process. Debuting today is the next step forward for at-home or at-work networked music playing with the release of Sonos Play:3. The device, designed as an all-in-one unit, promises bigger sound quality in a compact package, perfect for any room in need of bumpin’ tunes


The Play:3 gets its name from its three integrated speakers, three dedicated class-D digital amplifiers and three drivers. With an overall goal to crank up the quality, each unit also has a passive rear-firing bass radiator to keep the sound rich. As with all Sonos products the Play: 3 will integrate seamlessly into an existing Sonos system and can be controlled with the Sonos desktop app, the multi-platform mobile app or a dedicated Sonos controller.

Another clever feature of the Play:3 is the option to use the speaker in a vertical or horizontal position. This makes it easier to fit the system exactly where you want it and internal motion sensors detect the speaker’s orientation, adjusting the output accordingly to deliver ideal sound distribution. With two Play:3 units you can experience “Stereo Pairing,” which allows you to dedicate one speaker to the left or right channel. But be warned: two Play:3s paired up for stereo enjoyment the office makes for an internal struggle to stay seated.


If, like us, your Sonos system was in need of an overall upgrade, we recommend the updated controller ($350); it’s compact, slick and has a intuitive touchscreen UI for super-easy navigation.

Head over to Sonos’ online store to grab one of the new versatile Play:3s, available today for $300.

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