The Knock Knock App

Easily share the contact info you want with this new connectivity app from the Humin team

From Humin, the company behind the relationship-based intelligent contacts platform (which remembers how you met a new person), comes a new way to make exchanging contact info less cumbersome. New app Knock Knock uses Beacon and Bluetooth technology to link phones and, after two knuckle taps on the screen, you’re connected to whoever else is on using app and nearby. There’s the option to find specific individuals, or join a group.

Cheesy gesture aside, the app is ideal for those group settings or casual networking where there’s a lot of new people to meet—think tech conferences, dinner parties or even orientation at college. Multiple people can easily join a group chat by “knocking in” and from there they choose who to share their details with. Knock Knock lets you share email addresses, Instagram and Twitter handles, Snapchat IDs and more all in one go—with the option to be selective about what information you keep to yourself, like your precious phone number.

Knock Knock is now available on iOS devices as well as Android devices.

iPhone image by Josh Rubin, screenshot images courtesy of Knock Knock