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eero: No More Internet Dead Zones

A home WiFi system that keeps you connected

Nearly all homes have a WiFi dead zone: you never get messages in the kitchen, you can’t watch Netflix in the bedroom, you can’t FaceTime in the backyard. This is simply because most of us have one WiFi router for our entire home, and that just doesn’t work for how we use Internet today. WiFi waves don’t easily travel up and down stairs, through walls or closed doors. Presenting eero, a company that—instead of claiming to provide a more powerful single device or offering extenders—believes simply using more routers is the solution. Akin to sound systems like Sonos, eero scatters devices throughout a home or office in order to have each area perform consistently and evenly.

Having a consistent internet connection no matter where you are in your home is a relief in itself—but having it in a user-friendly form is a serious bonus. Simply plug an eero device into your modem, and then plug the extra devices into a standard power outlet in other rooms. (If you have ethernet, you can hardwire your additional eeros.) The eero app makes set-up simple and will even help pick the most effective places to install extra devices, plus it’s super-easy to give access to friends and visitors without reading out a 25-number password on a Post-It that’s fallen behind the fridge.

The eero device is also inconspicuous: a small white box that can be hidden away in a bookshelf or on display with smooth lines and minimal design.

Many of us rely on WiFi extenders but are left frustrated. This is because extenders only allow data to make a single hop and oftentimes create a separate network—meaning you have to switch between networks depending on where you are in your house—all defeating the purpose. Each eero is a full-scale wireless router and the combination of one or more makes a mesh network that ensures strong, reliable signals throughout larger spaces.

Considering the amount many spend for high-speed internet at home, it seems unfair that it only works in certain areas of an apartment, house or office. With eero, you’ll be getting what you pay for—and if using Tinder in the bathroom is your thing, now you can swipe with speed.

Head to eero or Amazon to secure fast, reliable WiFi at your house, with prices starting at $199.

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