Creatives Drink Event Series Brings Local Talent Together

Pittsburgh's ideal indoor venue plays host to a milestone gathering

The free Pittsburgh-based event series Creatives Drink, which was founded by Cody Baker (a photographer and event planner) and Chancelor Humphrey (a photographer and radio DJ) in 2015, is celebrating its 10th iteration at the city’s most recognized venue, Stage AE. The multi-functional destination will afford the duo more space than ever before—as their ambitious programming occupied coffee shops and bars before sizing up to the Carnegie Museum of Art in 2017.

“The main goal of Creatives Drink is to inspire,” the duo explains in their mission statement. “By creating a public forum with this keystone incentive, attendees will be motivated to discuss their passions, professions, and hobbies in an energized space filled with fellow ambitious people.” Networking (an oftentimes incredibly difficult task) feels simple at the duo’s events, thanks to the relaxed, music-powered setting which encourages friendship and mutual recognition. Plus, as recent research shows, smaller cities’ creative classes are growing and these events are evidence of this shift. Recent graduates from the city’s numerous universities mingle with executives from local agencies, booking teams from local venues, artists bootstrapping their own projects and more.

For this iteration, Baker and Humphrey are offering the stage to Pete Butta (an NYC-based DJ), Andre Power (co-founder of Soulection and an internationally-booked DJ) and 14 local artists, all of which were selected by local music publishing company Songlink. Standouts include hip-hop artists Benji, Mars Jackson, PK Delay and My Favorite Color and singer/songwriter Sierra Sellers.

The pair will also designate a sizable portion of the venue to local art, courtesy of an exhibit curated by local artist Andrew Mendoza. Plus, Creatives Drink and local boutique luxury store Shop412 will debut a collaborative T-shirt. And, contrary to the series’ title, the event isn’t merely an opportunity for the city’s creative class to unwind. It’s their goal to unite the city and inspire collaboration. “CD’s growth has allowed us to bring together the creative community of Pittsburgh to greater scale each and every time,” Baker says.

Creatives Drink 10 takes place at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on 25 July at 6PM and is free for anyone over 21.

Images courtesy of Cody Baker