Only Love is Real

A unique line of handcrafted furniture by Matthew and Carly Jo Morgan channeling compassion and connection

Each piece of furniture in Only Love is Real‘s debut collection stirs something from within. Whether it’s the striking juxtaposition of geometric shapes in The Professor Chair, the inverted pyramid-like table holding black rose marble up to the sky, or the illustrated fertility print on upholstery—this isn’t merely design for the sake of design. Each unique piece impresses feelings of awe and human connection. It’s …

Phlo: Architectural Wooden Clutches

Beijing-based designer Vega Zaishi Wang collaborates with woodworker Christian Melz on unique purses

Central Saint Martins alum Vega Zaishi Wang is gaining reputation as one the brightest rising stars in the Chinese design world. In the last few years, the independent fashion designer has shaped fascinating creations that merge her time in the East and West, and she has shown she’s unafraid to get experimental. (As evidenced in her electroluminescent Alpha Lyrae collection, which featured glowing blue dresses …

Rocking Chair #1

Maker of boats, kitchens, lighting and more, woodworker Reed Hansuld creates sculptural furniture pieces with a monk-like reverence for their functionality and longevity. Though utility-focused, his pieces are also works of art. With a steel skeleton and graceful wooden curves, his modern Rocking Chair No. 1 breaks any stereotypes you had about the classic rocker.