Robinson Campaign Watch Case

A new project from the craftsman at Scotland's Method Studio raises the bar for quality


In 2013 when cabinetmaker and wood craftsman Callum Robinson of Scotland’s Method Studio was tapped by Vacheron Constantin—one of the world’s oldest watchmakers—to make a travel case for one of their most prized pieces, Robinson never knew it would lead his craft into a new direction; one lead by leather. Though the original box took over 300 hours to produce, it was the internal hidden leather and hardwood compartment that continued to gain the most attention. Months later, after showcasing his inventive bike rack Stasis, Robinson found himself at Ecco Leather’s annual Hotshop event that brings creatives from a variety of fields together to let their imaginations run wild in their massive R&D center outside Amsterdam. Here Robinson found inspiration to meld his penchant for woodworking with leather and take that little hidden box from the Vacheron case to a wider audience in the form of the Campaign Watch Case.


The entirety of the case is made by hand. “The frame and capping ends of the finished case are crafted from oiled and waxed solid hardwood,” Robison says. A variety of hardwoods are on offer—keeping in step with his commitment to raw natural materials—including American black walnut, Scottish oak and Scottish elm. A full-grain leather cover is abutted by polished and waxed brass screws. Inside the case, a padded nubuck capsule supports the watch—with the face fully protected. For travelers keen on keeping their timepieces crisp, this is an investment that will age gracefully while preventing your watch from showing unwanted signs of wear.


Robinson is largely known for his work with Method Studio, where he designs conceptual furniture grounded in traditional craftsmanship. His watch case is part of a larger side project under a new brand simply dubbed Robinson. “To realize the fullest extent of an idea—both on the drawing board and in the workshop—the work that Method undertakes demands an enormous investment of time and energy,” Robinson says. “We’ve always wanted to be able to reach more people and creatively face the challenges of designing more accessible repeat products for the kind of life we live, but which are still made from the finest materials and really beautifully crafted.” The synthesis of this idea is Robinson and the watch case is a first and promising offering of what is meant to be an expanding line of highly considered, quality products.

Available in a variety of leather and hardwood combinations, the Campaign Watch Case starts at £285.

Images courtesy of Robinson and ECCO