Handmade Kitchen Goods from Makers & Brothers

The Irish team presents a stunning new cheese board and peppermill at their pop-up shed in The Standard East Village's garden


For five days, the Irish team behind Makers & Brothers (an online retail site that celebrates making, founded by siblings Jonathan and Mark Legge) recreated their off-the-radar shed in the garden of The Standard, East Village for NYCxDesign. The original shed is tucked away in the Dublin suburb of Blackrock, in the garden behind their parents’ house, but the pop-up shed functions as a workshop and store where they sell a selection of functional objects that have been thoughtfully designed and crafted by Irish makers. While they might look simple, the objects hold great integrity and depth, and transfer a story with every use—and the brand’s two newest additions raise the bar even higher.


The Marmoreal Board is a collaboration with a friend, Max Lamb for DZEK. Using the multicolored manmade marble that Lamb devised, called Marmoreal, Makers & Brothers cut and honed it into a usable kitchen board like no other. Like the style of terrazzo but on a larger scale, Marmoreal unconventionally uses much bigger chunks of colored marble. As each board is cut from the massive block of Marmoreal, no two boards will look the same—the size and array of the colored sections is unpredictable. The final result is a unique work of art, but is also useful. Luckily, we’re told to expect more to come as Makers & Brothers plans on experimenting more with the material.

Peppermill_Makers-&-Brothers.jpg peppermill-jdr-cool-hunting-makers-brothers.jpg

Makers & Brothers joined with Irish woodturner Matt Jones to create an unassuming pepper-mill that blends in with its surroundings. Its elegant yet anonymous design is intriguing and sure to spark a conversation at the table. The ceramic mechanism is strong enough to endure a lifetime of grinding, and even the size of the pepper grounds is adjustable. It’s yet another moment of design blending with logic, to result in something entirely functional and beautiful.

While today is the last day the shed is open in New York, the Makers & Brothers online shop stocks the pepper-mill ($119), Marmoreal Board ($238) and more thoughtfully handmade goods.

Studio images courtesy of Makers & Brothers, all other photos by Josh Rubin