EAST Surf Co. Wax Tool

A functional and elegant surf accessory cut and crafted from American Walnut

east-surf-co-wax-tool-1.jpg east-surf-co-wax-tool-2.jpg

Any surfer worth their salt knows the importance of a proper layer of wax on their deck. After a few sessions, the sticky bumps that once held your traction through turns soon feel slick like a freshly mopped floor. Meaning, it’s either time to rough up your existing wax or strip it and start anew. With this in mind, Brooklyn-based surfwax-maker EAST Surf Co. set out to make a wax comb that allows surfers to do either with one elegant tool—the flat side removes wax while the opposite, toothed side adds traction.

“We used American Walnut for its strength and durability and set out to make something that will last,” says founder Matt Olerio. The brand’s trademarked crescent design creates an ergonomic handle for easy leverage when pulling off a thick layer of winter wax. Designed and crafted in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, the comb will last for years to come with a bit of simple maintenance.

The Wax Tool from EAST Surf Co is available online for $30 and includes a bar of the brand’s wax.

Images courtesy of East Surf Co.