Francesco Sommacal: 360


Adrenaline nuts searching for the latest extreme sport have a new toy, the 360. A recent recipient of a the Red Dot luminary design award, the 360 simulates the mechanics of snowboarding, surfing or skating, using a pair of wheels connected by a flexible, highly adjustable crossbar.


The innovative design places the rider's feet inside the hole at the center of each orbital wheel. The 360 moves as the rider shifts their body weight forth and back and it can be ridden downhill, using the built-in speed regulation system or freestyle for tricks on obstacles. The thick, off-road wheels permit use on most surfaces, from pavement to grass and gravel.

The 360 was developed by Francesco Sommacal, a graduate of the Faculty of Design and Art at the Free University of Bozen Bolzano. It isn't yet available on the market, but stay tuned for updates on the 360 site, where you can also see a few videos of it in action.