Nooka 360

A new watch that won't make heads turn

Nooka_360-silver.jpg Nooka_360-black.jpg

Known best for their creative and unusual timepieces, eccentric fashion accessory brand Nooka just released their newest watch, the 360. Looking past the subdued analog display and Italian leather wristband you’ll find what sets it apart is hidden in the details—or rather one large detail. The entire watch case rotates clockwise 360 degrees, giving the wearer and those around you unlimited angles from which to view the time. Driving your car? Adjust the watch to an optimal position a few clicks. The curious stranger next to you on the subway? Simply turn the dial to an angle that best suits them. Living up to Nooka’s ethos of universal language, the 360 does away with numbers and opts instead for simple dots.


The Nooka 360 comes in both black and mirror casings and is currently available for online for $285, and will hit store shelves by September 2011.