12 Bikes for Girls

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While men can get away with the "fixed-gear as accessory" look, sometimes a lady wants to look like a lady when riding a bike. Fortunately, stylish options meeting the particular needs of women prevail these days. We've gathered up a few of the best and chicest here.

The best way to buy a bike is always a test ride, but finding a bike online is easy enough if you know the type of bike that will suit you. A step-through frame and chain guards might help you if you plan on riding with a skirt. Also, know the size of frame you will need for a comfortable ride.

City and coaster bikes are most well-suited to women and they come in fixed, single and multiple speeds, so choose what fits your riding style best. If you need speed, go with the sportier road and track styles. If you like a mellow ride, coaster bikes offer a laid back, comfortable seating position and ride. Coasters are best for flat areas as they're heavier and the upright riding style makes steep inclines more difficult (but not completely impossible).

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Specialized Langster Seattle

Sweetpea Custom

Bobbin Bicycles
For an authentic European bike, check out