New Orleans’ All-Women Motorcycle Club: Caramel Curves

Bucking the traditional (and oftentimes toxic) image of a motorcycle club, NOLA’s Caramel Curves is an all-women group with 13 members who can be seen riding through the city—bright pink smoke billowing behind them. Often decked out in bedazzled gear and stilettos, members playfully and irreverently toy with ideas surrounding femininity, but at its core, the club is about “passion for motorcycles and a desire to bike with other women like themselves.” Founded just a month before Hurricane Katrina, Caramel Curves has a strong community focus too—during prospective members’ trial period (which can last anywhere from a few months to a year), they “must commit to several community service events, like fund-raisers to buy bicycles for young girls.” Riding skills are essential, of course—no half-steppers allowed. Read interviews with several members at the NY Times.