Mushroom Lamp and iPhone Dock

An ambient, portable light that also charges your device

While there’s no shortage of iPhone chargers and docks in the world, not many combine extra uses, portability and a cute design. The Mushroom Lamp—currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter—promises to charge your phone and provide ambient lighting, at the same time. A joint venture between design start-up ZISION Studio and IDMIX, who have experience working on products with Apple MFi (aka Made For iPod, iPad, iPhone—which is the tech company’s seal of approval for accessory manufacturers), the lamp is designed to be super-functional without being cumbersome or intrusive.

With a built-in 5000mAh lithium polymer battery, the lamp will remain lit for five hours while charging your iPhone. (Without also charging, the lamp should stay bright for around eight hours.) Each product is slightly different, since ZISION has a traditional artificial glass-blowing process. Most useful, however, is the fact that once it’s charged, the lamp-meets-charger can be used in the backyard when grilling, in the bathroom while soaking in the tub, in a tent, at a picnic, you name it. Additionally, depending on your romance level, the light can be set at one of three different brightness levels.

Head to Kickstarter, if you’d like to support this venture, where a $49 pledge will secure you a Mushroom Lamp in North America Hard Maple along with a USB charging cable.

Images courtesy of ZISION