Shift reality with the simplistic slit-scan photography app for iPhone and iPad


Even with the plethora of photo editing, altering and sharing apps available today, there can only be so much variety among sepia-toned brunch photos. So as a slight departure from the camera app norm, DScan puts an analog touch on its user’s pictures. Shots produced with the “slit-scan photography app” look as if they’ve been moved during photocopying, disrupting the image with vertical or horizontal shifts. Released earlier last month by designer Dofl Y. H. Yun (of DMesh), we’ve been having a bit of fun with the app’s faux processing errors ever since our friend and fellow designer Daniel Savage tipped us off.

DScan-2.jpg DScan-3.jpg

Tap to take the image then slide your finger up to save it to your camera roll. That’s it—a simple idea presented in an equally simple format. You can decide whether to distort the image vertically or horizontally and also adjust the speed at which it’s distorted. From there it’s all up to the your imagination.


DScan is compatible with a range of Apple products supporting iOS 4.3 or later, including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 4G, iPad 2 and new iPad. Find it in the iTunes Appstore for just under $1.

Images by Graham Hiemstra