Send Doodles with Inkboard App

Transforming the iOS 8 keyboard into a set of pens and markers—when emojis just won't cut it

inkboard-app-review-1.jpg inkboard-app-review-2.jpg

App extensions, Apple‘s newest feature on iOS 8, have opened up the floodgates for third-party keyboard apps (many of which have been available for some time on Android phones). While the recently launched Inkboard doesn’t promise to save milliseconds on typing speed, this new app offers some creative expression for when emojis just won’t cut it. By transforming your QWERTY board into an expansive set of pens, markers, crayons and more, Inkboard (from the founders of social drawing app lets you draw what you can’t put into words. Add a little flair to mundane texting, then share your masterpiece with friends via SMS and social media platforms. Simply copy the final image then paste it into Messages (which will work even for those who don’t have the app or iOS 8), or upload the image and post the link—all from within your keyboard.

Once the team heard Apple’s announcement this June at WWDC, about App extensions, they spent the summer developing Inkboard to prepare it for release when iOS 8 launched. They’ve now created the ability to, “send drawings straight from within the keyboard,” as co-founder Darren Paul tells CH. When text gets a little too cold and distant, warm things up with this unique way to communicate your thoughts.

The Inkboard app is available for free from the App Store for users with iOS 8.

Images by Kevin Serai via Inkboard