Discover Places with Photo-Oriented Oatmeal App

Let imagery determine where you dine or drink, or simply where you head next

Whether you’re near your home or traveling abroad, location-based recommendation services continue to offer vetted drinking and dining options—and some even help with decision-making. These discovery apps and sites are plentiful, but their various approaches—from peer recommendations to expert selections—appeal to wildly different users. Oatmeal, a new contender on iOS, has a specific, and beautiful, take. The app arranges recommendations by photograph, in a Pinterest-like format. Multiple photos of plates and cups speak for themselves. Users scroll through this pinboard of alluring offerings from nearby places, then select what appeals most and more information appears, including directions. UK-based founder Danny Witters developed the app so that it aggregates images from top-rated places near the user. And, while it’s still developing, there’s a lot here to love.

Download Oatmeal on iOS for free.

Screenshots from Oatmeal