Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Purifying Fan

A suite of innovations make this appliance a welcome addition to any space

Fusing two of the brand’s most popular devices, Dyson‘s Pure Cool Me operates as both a purifier and a fan and is the ideal size for a desk or bedside table. The brand’s first personal purifying fan, the appliance pulls air in through its cylindrical base and propels purified air out of the upper, orb-like fan—trapping the mold, pollen, allergens, bacteria and ultra-fine particles that would otherwise be recirculated through your space. Best of all, the Pure Cool Me projects a concentrated stream of cool air from its adjustable top—emphasizing its personal design.

The filter contains an activated carbon and HEPA glass layer that, when combined, are capable of blocking 99.97% of pollutants and unwanted materials from reentering the air; they are easily cleaned and replaced.

With other features that Dyson users know and love—such as 70-degree oscillation, a sleep timer, a built-in system that alerts the user when the filter needs to be changed and an LCD screen for easy setting changes—the Pure Cool Me (available in two colorways: white and silver or black and nickel) is a welcome combination of the two appliances that seemed destined to be intertwined.

The Pure Cool Me is available at Dyson and Amazon for $350.

Images courtesy of Dyson