Eggo Washing Machine


When Brazilian household appliances company Brastemp was drawing up plans for a washing machine specifically made to handle clothes that require more attentive washing (such as swimwear, lingerie and baby clothes) they again called on designer Jun Nakao (a fashion design professor whose last project we featured here) to help conceive a design. (He previously helped the company develop the aesthetics of a mini-fridge.) For this new task, Nakao associated things dear, intimate and fussy (like babies) with the idea of birth. Hence Eggo's form was born. The ovoid-shaped Eggo measures 18"x12.5"x13" and is capable of holding up to two pounds of delicates. Brilliant white in color, it resembles Humpty Dumpy but sturdy, built-in legs prevent a fall. The compact and portable machine boasts the use of oxygen for a more thorough cleaning while protecting the quality of clothes.

For the Eggo's launch, which took place in São Paulo's Galeria Boutique Branding, Nakao put together a mechanized stork made from 1000 pieces of vegetable paper. The stork held an Eggo in its mouth, looking like it was heading mid-flight to a lucky couple's destination to drop off the goods. In the window, a nest also made from folded pieces of paper held three Eggos.

You can watch the video of the bird in action here.