Freeboard Riders-1

Many have tried to create a skateboard that emulates the feeling of a snowboard with varying degrees of success. Though I haven't tried a Freeboard, this video certainly makes it look like the San Francisco based, rider owned company got it right. You can carve, slide, spin and stop using all the same movements as on the slope. Granted, concrete is not as forgiving as snow, but you're hard core, right? Details after the jump.

The deck of a Freebord resembles a large skateboard. Beneath the deck are four fixed wheels mounted on long trucks that extend beyond the board. These wheels simulate the edges of a snowboard and are used for carving. In addition to these four “edge” wheels, the Freebord has two additional base wheels on the board’s center line that rotate 360 degrees. These act like the base of a snowboard allowing riders to initiate slides in any direction.

Freeboard Seventy5 Angle Small