Frends Headphones

A snowboarding band of friends introduce a new headphones line


Hanging with the Frends crew means lots and lots of laughs, as I recently learned over dinner. The “Frends” are actually seven guys who regularly win professional (if not Olympic) snowboarding medals and since banding together in 2006 have become their own sort of self-entertaining traveling circus. Despite their penchant for making videos of each other pulling silly stunts or simply having a good time, they certainly know how to reign it in and focus on something they are passionate about—whether that’s on the mountain or designing their new collection of headphones.

The latest addition to their eponymous fashion and accessories label, Frends co-founder Keir Dillon tells us headphones are the perfect fit for their crew because “There is nothing better than linking turns to your favorite music.”


The collection includes four colorful styles—Classic (inspired by an old Marshall amp), Alli, Coupe and Clip—all affordable and meticulously designed to the Frends’ expectations, which is the earnest concern of making sure it’s done right. Dillon explains, “We wanted to find that balance of enough pop to express yourself, but also not so much that you look like a cartoon character walking down the street.” With fabric cords, enticing unisex colorways, iPhone and Blackberry compatible mics and custom tips for the ear buds, the headphones are the perfect blend of youthful zest with considered design.

Initially trying each style, we’ve been road-testing the Coupe ear buds daily, listening to a variety of music genres through a variety of platforms. From computer to mp3 player, the earphones hold up, delivering an intense supply of dynamic sound for a relatively low price point (Coupes are $30). Creating a quality product at a price people can actually afford was a principal concern for Frends, who understand no one likes to settle and “strive to deliver all of our products with the features you want.”


A “platform for ideas to grow from,” Frends plan to keep on delivering “innovative products that push what people expect out of their electronics” while allowing the consumer decide the future. Dillon explains, “If there is a demand for a certain product we will do our best to fulfill that demand.”

Frends headphones come packaged in corrugated cardboard and biodegradable
plastic and currently sell online from Zumiez and select Burton stores with prices spanning $30-60.