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Hex Code

Notebook-inspired leather wallet and iPhone 4 case


With hundreds of iPhone case manufacturers out there it’s hard to stand out, but the simplicity of Hex’s code wallet for iPhone 4 has managed to catch our eye. The leather moleskine-style case is both functional and well designed, without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. It holds up to three cards of your choice and secures tightly with a thick elastic band, keeping all of your valuables safe and sound. The sleek design doesn’t feel bulky either visually or physically–fitting neatly in the pocket unlike most multi-purpose cases.

HEX-CH-2.jpg HEX-CH-3.jpg

The code wallet for iPhone 4 is available in black, brown and white for $50 through Hex’s online shop. While you’re there, take a look at Hex’s iPad-compatible bags and iPod nano watch bands.


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