Houd Speakers

Pristine acoustics from sustainable Colombian wood

by Juan Orozco


Packing a powerful punch of sound into a small, portable wood speaker, the Houd Passive is the exact opposite of what its name implies. The upshot of a collaboration between two talented Columbian designers: multi-faceted sound engineer, sound systems developer and photographer David Sandoval and industrial designer Gustavo Huertas, a self-proclaimed innovation addict whose passions include product design, art and music.

Launching less than a year ago, the duo have continued to hone the Passive’s acoustic design. The speaker requires no electrical connection or any type of battery, operating on the position of the iOS device docked on top. The concave box is constructed from Columbian wood typically reserved for musical instruments, and its density naturally amplifies sound waves while also creating a deep resonance with the surface it rests on.


In a wooden take on People People’s transparent speaker, Houd also created the Active—a rectangular design that showcases its inner wiring. Both the audio output and sleek design are sure to make the speaker heard loud and clear.

Houd products are available for purchase through their website.

Images courtesy of Houd