Audyssey LES Speakers

Digitally-enhanced tabletop speakers integrate seamlessly with wireless devices


As fans of the big speaker sound engineered into Audyssey’s compact Audio Dock, the launch of their new Lower East Side Media Speaker is even more tech-enhanced music to our ears. The LES produces precision sound with low bass, warm mids and clear highs using the same type of digital acoustics that the brand uses when they design sound for IMAX theaters and Jaguars.


To take advantage of all the “Smart” electronics inside, the speakers include an optical input that plugs directly into Apple TV, giving you the freedom of AirPlay-enabled audio in a speaker small enough to fit next to your computer. With its clean, simple lines it won’t add to the clutter on your desk, and, inspired by the music scene in the NYC neighborhood from which it takes its name, Audyssey’s LES speaker just begs for late-night jam sessions at the office.

The pair sells for $200, check Audyssey online for more info and purchasing details.