Lumu iPhone Light Meter

An essential tool for budding shutterbugs


Considering that the light meter is one of the most essential tools for photographers—film and digital alike—it’s quite a surprise there aren’t better options available for the amateur shutterbug. Lumu, launched on Kickstarter today, promises to be an extremely powerful and useful device for photographers looking for a light meter that can be used with a smartphone. Designed to interface with the iPhone, Lumu seems to exceed other iPhone meters in terms of promised performance and design.


The Lumu plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack and, using a professional grade sensor (one that far surpasses the smartphone’s internal sensor), allows for very accurate measurement. The promised range for incident light is 0.15-250,000 lux, which is pretty impressive for something the size of a 50-cent piece and that doesn’t require batteries. While Lumu probably won’t stand up to a professional grade light meter, it is a very promising option compared to similar devices. Back it on Kickstarter to get yours and start snapping.

Images courtesy of Lumu

Via PetaPixel