MINI Motoring Graphics


MINI Motoring Graphics is MINI's partnership announced today with Original Wraps, Inc. that allows MINI owners to add a little flair to their exteriors and interiors. From full-on custom jobs to small round badges, the program presents over 5,000,000 options enabling drivers to stand out from the masses on the road.

Designs include national flags, camo, abstract designs and a donut pattern to name a few and they're printed on high-quality vinyl. For those who choose to design themselves, they can either upload photos or graphics to have them printed on panels or they can download templates and create their own unique graphics. Original Wraps will then use their proprietary printing process to ensure good images show up.

From a marketing perspective, we like that MINI's taking the customization that their already known for even further. Prices start at $10 and max out at $350 and most are better off installed professionally.