Mini Cooper Clubman


Similar in looks and configuration to the Mini Traveller concept car, an all-new addition to the Mini range, the Clubman hits international streets this November. New proportions and a style reminiscent of the past distinguish this "stretched" Mini model.

Not available in the States until next year, the 5-door Mini Cooper Clubman is longer, offering more leg room, and incorporates what some call a "suicide door." A rear-hinged door on the right-hand side of the car swings open in the opposing direction relative to the main passenger door increasing access to the rear seating area while providing a new attractive look. A unique rear-end design of split-rear doors also increases access to the back.


Idling in a beefier and longer stance, the Mini holds true to it's spirited motoring tradition as three turbo-charged engine variants are offered and a sport-tuned suspension keeps it nimble. Energy saving components like the new Auto Start Stop improves efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by switching off the engine in idling situations automatically.

Pricing has yet to be announced. Nonetheless, expect to see this newest Mini version on the road soon. More images after the jump