Neuton CE 6.2 Battery-Powered Mower


Yet another smart alternative to help cut your carbon footprint, Neuton released a new battery-powered mower to keep your lawn fit and trim. A step up from the first version, the 6.2 edition is able to cut a 19" path saving you time and work.

Most electric mowers keep you tethered to an outlet, creating a sub-optimal user experience. Neuton's battery powered version is cordless and powerful. With 360 watts of output it can even mow through the thick and tall stuff. A full battery charge last about an hour and a spare battery will keep you going longer if needed.

The mower comes with everything you need including a rear grass collection bag, side discharge chute, mulching plug, battery, charger and safety key. Recently reduced in price, it's still a bit steep at $450. Gas powered lawnmowers account for around 5% of air pollution in the U.S., so we think it's a wise investment. Available at Neuton.