OK Go x Moritz Waldemeyer at Design Miami


Blending design, technology, music and fashion on one stage, German designer Moritz Waldemeyer and Silvia Venturini Fendi (of the fashion label that bears her name) created an interactive performance for the hard-working band OK Go. Wearing suits with LED displays, the band plays furry, glowing Gibson guitars covered in leather that shoot lasers from the neck. The lasers leave traces that react to the music in real-time on a video wall alongside the band, completing the spectacle with imagery evoking guitar strings or sound waves.


The collaboration between LED maestro Waldemeyer and the cheeky band marks their second together, a natural fit for a tech-savvy musical outfit who also know a thing or two about eye candy. "Our brand of performance—super-saturated, super visual, super fun—is precisely the right arena for his design," says frontman Damian Kulash.

Their first project dates back to 2007 when the partnership resulted in the LED "Vegas Jackets," which feature displays sewn onto the back meant to emulate slot machines. Still in use today, check out our above video to see them in action. The below documents last night's performance of their new single "WTF."

The performance, which debuted yesterday, will run every evening this week, through 5 December 2009, at Design Miami.