Pairing Food and Music with

A web and Spotify app that delivers playlists selected by famed chefs (even Kelis) for preparing and eating food


Centuries of study have been dedicated to pairing food and wine, but music has long been an important part of the cooking process, as well as the dining environment. The passionate, music-loving app developers at Artisan Council recognized the artistry of playlists paired with food—and was born. This website and Spotify app offer a soundtrack for every food-related occasion, all of which are in conjunction with a recipe. And while they’re the app experts, the team called upon the perfect mix of chefs, restaurateurs and musicians to hand-pick tracks for the playlists—with new content rolled out on a monthly basis. Altogether, it’s a cookbook with masterful mood music.


Adam Kinnane, one of the founders of Artisan Council and, has enlisted some of the best restaurants to create playlists on the app; from Brooklyn’s Roberta’s to London’s Hawksmoor, chefs have turned over recipes and music to match—even Kelis has contributed. According to Kinnane, “I work with the guys to kind of develop the curator relationships and seek out who we want to be onboard.” But relationships work both ways: “A lot of the times we will find who want to work with and approach them, but we’ve had many opportunities approach us. It was Kelis who approached us, so we just continued the conversation and it all made sense with the album being called Food.”

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Kinnane’s background falls within the music industry, where he worked in digital solutions and strategy, as well as “looking after labels.” Even before Spotify was available in Australia (where he lived prior to moving to New York) he was intrigued by the platform. “When we were talking about Supper and how we would envision it and find the best place for it, Spotify was the answer. We wanted to do something around music and food and we had been talking about it for a long time. We looked at previous web-based examples but saw Spotify as a place where this could really progress.”

The recently launched website and app are chock full of intimate access to well thought-out collaborations. A recipe for doughnuts with raclette dipping sauce from Sarah and Evan at SF’s Rich Table meets the Misfits and Bob Marley. Jumbo shrimp with tomato fricasee and strawberries—offered up by Kelis—join an experience supported by Massive Attack and John Coltrane. There is perhaps no better way to immerse oneself into the cooking and eating experience than by indulging all the senses, and Supper offers just that.

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