Polaroid Originals Unveils OneStep+ Camera

An instant, analog device with photo-editing features and an iOS app

To celebrate Polaroid’s 80th year, in 2017, the brand unveiled the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2—a camera designed to be an upgraded revert to analog. The natural progression from last year’s release to today’s—including the addition of an iOS app, settings, and a new lens—is the Polaroid OneStep+; their most expansive analog camera since the end of their of instant film production in 2008 and subsequent relaunch just years ago.

The OneStep+ features numerous upgrades that will allow for expanded photographic creativity through a digital integration that is about adding control to analog image-making. The camera is still anchored in its nostalgic design, but it will come with an adjacent app that affords users added tools like double-exposure, light-painting, self-timer, remote trigger, noise trigger, manual mode and scanner (a tool that intuitively corrects glare and crops your photos).

Beyond the finer details of photo editing, the camera will be accompanied by both a standard and a portrait lens—the latter will let users take high-quality instant photos from about a foot away. All of this will be presented in a sleek, black colorway adorned with the brand’s rainbow stripe on the camera’s faceplate–reminiscent of the original 1977 OneStep camera.

The new OneStep+ ($160) is available now on the Polaroid Originals site.

Images courtesy of Polaroid Originals

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