The New Polaroid Originals Camera + Film

An acquisition by a shareholder in Impossible Project means the beloved company is back as an analog brand

Today marks the 80th anniversary of iconic analog instant photography brand Polaroid—and with it comes a some big news. Thanks to an acquisition by the largest shareholder in Impossible Project, Polaroid analog photography is back. With this new deal comes the creation of Polaroid Originals—the impossible became possible; as a brand Impossible Project will go away in favor of Polaroid Originals. Fortunately, this isn’t just business news, there’s a new Polaroid Originals camera and reformulated instant film also being announced today.

Known as the Polaroid OneStep 2, the new camera shares a name with the original Polaroid OneStep—released 40 years ago. They also share the same point-and-shoot functionality—something that made the original fundamental in the world embracing instant film. This new generation, however, has USB charging, a self-timer, a powerful (built-in) flash and more. Everything that we loved about the first generation is here, though we wish there was a telescoping viewfinder hood like the one on our vintage camera. (As a left-eyed photographer I find it a bit challenging to get a proper view through the OneStep 2’s range-finder style eyepiece.)

With the new camera comes a new generation of instant film that works with the OneStep 2—and the many popular vintage Polaroid cameras. A new I-type film comes in color and black and white iterations. There will also be numerous special editions. One can definitely expect the film’s signature dreamy aesthetic throughout. This should be exciting to those who have been lovers of the Impossible Project and all it’s done between Polaroid’s closure and now. (Note that the photos in this story are not taken using the new film formulations, but are from the OneStep2.)

The Polaroid OneStep 2 analog instant camera is now available for pre-order online. It will be available at a range of national retailers starting 16 October. Both online and off, it retails for $100. The Polaroid Originals new I-type film is receiving a similar roll-out, with an eight-picture pack retailing for $16. Vintage formats are also being introduced at $19.

Images by Cool Hunting