Time Since Launch Long-Scale Clock

Track up to 2,738 years worth of days with this digital device

Declaring an epoch is as easy as pulling a pin. From that moment forward, the Time Since Launch module counts onward—for up to 2,738 years. Battery life on the launch clock purportedly delivers a 20+ year run-time (and a back-up processor guarantees time continues ticking away when batteries are being changed). Whether it’s the birth of a child, quitting smoking or elevating another kind of milestone to something more, the Time Since Launch device truly celebrates moment zero.

The team behind Time Since Launch—Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy of CW&T—made two unique technical decisions. First, when the launch pin is pulled, the moment is burned into the a chip’s silicon. Second, a DS3231 chip guarantees accuracy as the device treks onward to 999,999 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

A Time Since Launch pledge starts at $150. If funded, delivery is expected in January 2019.

Images courtesy of CW&T