A Million Times by Humans Since 1982

300 synchronized clocks complete an installation series on time from Stockholm's strategic design group


Next month, Humans since 1982 unveils its latest installation “A million times” at Design Days Dubai, which will incorporate 300 interconnected analog clocks working together to form a singular installation that measures almost 3.5 meters wide. Each clock contains a motor for the minute hand and one for the hour hand, allowing the components to act independently of one another. The result is an arresting choreography of movement, undulating and flowing with patterns and graphics—sometimes even showing the time.

“A million times” is the culmination of a series of time-related projects that Stockholm-based Humans since 1982 has embarked on over the past few years. The series includes “Clock Clock,” a piece that uses analog clocks to create a digital readout, causing quite a stir when it was shown first at the Triennale Design Museum. “Clock Clock” is currently showing as part of the “O’Clock—time design, design time” show at the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing.


In addition to the giant “A million times,” Humans since 1982 also released “6at6,” a piece using six clocks that combine to show the number six at six o’clock. Limited to a run of 300 pieces, 6at6 is available from Victor Hunt.

Humans since 1982 was formed when its two founders, Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff, met while completing their Masters at the School of Design and Crafts (HDK) in Gothenburg, with their group name stemming from the year of their birth. Collectively, the pair strike a deft balance between art and design, creating projects which tend to fire multiple sensory triggers in the viewer’s mind.

Images courtesy of Humans since 1982