Ultra-thin MoGo Headset

Thoughtfully designed for true mobile convenience, MoGo's 5mm thick headset can be charged without needing any additional cables. The lightweight (1/3 oz) Bluetooth 2.0 device has a fold-out ear piece so it rests comfortably in the ear and stores flat when not in use. While it can be charged with an optional AC adapter, it is sized to fit in a laptop's PCMCIA or ExpressCard 34 slot which is also a convenient storage location.

The design becomes really interesting if MoGo can work with handset manufacturers to get a storage and charging well built in to the shell of the mobile phone. A mock-up of that is shown on the right, but imagine if they took it a step further and made it flush with the casing so that you didn't even know it was there until you needed it.

The device made it's debut yesterday at CTIA in Orlando where I had a chance to check it out. No word yet on pricing or availability.