Velvet Idole Digital Accessories


Velvet Idole
is a Parisian line of digital accessories specializing in hand-crafted cases your laptop, iPod or PSP. Made from fine calf leather with foam padding and a cotton interior lining, the cases are both high-quality and functional.

The laptop model closes snugly with a zipper surrounding the case on three sides, which allows for using your laptop while it is still safely in the case. Style-wise, the black, white and Nubuck designs are some of the cleanest, most classic laptop cases I've seen.

I opted for the soft tan of the Nubuck case, by far the most luxurious of Velvet Idole's offerings (pictured at right, €145) and I'm looking forward to watching it change and gain character with age.

For those looking to make a bolder statement, several cases come in graphic prints. The incognito "Dots" and "Velvet Invaders" cases feature a simple black exterior with a printed lining with a white and pink dot pattern and a Space Invaders style illustration respectively. Fortuny is a black case with a gold floral print on the exterior and the "Pinguins" case's white exterior features drawings of penguins, robots, pandas and other doodles. (More images after the jump.)


Laptop cases start at €65, iPod cases are €39 and PSP cases are €45 . All are available online from Velvet Idole.


"Pinguins" Laptop case


"Dot" iPod case


PSP Case


"Velvet Invaders" Laptop Case