In response to underperforming health, sports, and medicinal drinks that lose potency as they sit on shelves, VIZcap is a new technology that releases vitamins, minerals and other supplements into the water at the time of consumption making for a more effective and potent beverage.

The patent pending design is a twist-top consisting of an air-tight chamber which houses the supplements, and a plunger that releases them prior to drinking. The design lends itself to a variety of possibilities for use in the beverage market, including effervescent drinks like Airborne and Alka-Seltzer, or even baby formula.

An additional benefit is that thinner bottles can be used as shelf life is less of a concern. VIZcap's bottles reduce plastic content by a substantial 25%.

VizCap is still in advanced prototype stages and there is no current release date, but expect to see VIZcaps on your favorite beverages sometime soon. For more info and to see a video on how it works visit VIZcap.