Wonder PL

A filtered iOS video platform with quality cultural content

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There’s plenty of noise in the online video arena and the number of viewers is expected to reach 1.5 billion over the next few years. A lot of questions arise when searching for something online: Which is the official video? How do I know what I’m looking for? Is there any way for me to escape the internet black hole I’ve fallen into? Wonder PL offers an answer to all of those questions. This web and iOS app, for both iPad and iPhone, partners with content distributors (CH included) and creators to build specific channels that you can subscribe to and follow closely, without the distraction or deception of other services. It’s free and easy to sign into. The app is also easy to navigate, whether you’re searching for something specific or just want to find a video to match your mood. It also happens to be entirely advertising free.


In addition to Cool Hunting’s video content, Wonder PL launched with Culture Shock as their featured partner. They’re also featuring work from The National Film Board of Canada, Vevo, MOCA.tv (the digital division of The Museum of Contemporary Art, LA) and Open Road Media. Director and fashion photographer Cathrine Westergaard has her own channel, as does chef Tom Aikens. New content partners are being announced each day.

Altogether, it’s the best of lifestyle content, on a professional video platform designed with both creators and viewers in mind. There’s quite the selection of original programming, exclusive content and just plain old beautiful videos—across wellness, culture, home and family, food and entertainment. Being encapsulated in one app, away from all the noise, with internal exploration with the flick of a finger, Wonder PL is a wondrous place to consume top quality entertainment.

Wonder PL can be downloaded free at the iTunes app store.

Screenshots from the Wonder PL iOS app