Paint Your Pride with Anthony Goicolea + Airbnb Experiences

Help complete a new mural with the creator of the first official LGBTQ monument commissioned by New York State

New York State granted artist Anthony Goicolea a great honor when it commissioned him to create the first-ever official LGBTQ monument in NYC. Dedicated to those who long fought for equality, Goicolea’s work sits along the Hudson River in the West Village. In partnering with Airbnb, Goicolea will be offering a personal tour of the monument, along with a visit to the AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Park, which was co-created by his husband Paul Kelterborn. As powerful as this sounds, it’s just one of two experiences Airbnb is offering with Goicolea. The other allows participants to paint their pride. Anyone who signs up will be able to finish an Eden-like mural in Williamsburg with Goicolea. The figures within represent “hybridized faces made from the likeness of people from different ethnicities and genders,” according to Airbnb. It will truly be an experience unlike any other and to further sweeten the deal, all proceeds will be donated to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

Airbnb has a dedicated section for Pride experiences this year. They’ve also penned an insightful piece on the top LGBTQ-friendly cities to celebrate Pride.

Images courtesy of Anthony Goicolea