Cool Cars 4 Hire

Luxury autos delivered to London doors make summer road trips more stylish

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With fares at peak prices, airport security an inescapably tedious process, and more and more car rental services reinventing the business, the latter option makes the road trip an increasingly attractive travel option. The London-based Cool Cars 4 Hire, catering to those looking for more than a standard vehicle, ups the appeal with a range of head-turners guaranteed to put a positive spin on the rental car experience. Also offering the kind of boutique service that bigger companies usually miss, the outfit simplifies and customizes the entire task.


They will deliver the car—from Audi convertibles and Porsches to Range Rover Sports, Mini Coopers in all shapes and sizes, as well as the adorable Fiat 500 Abarth—to the location of your choosing. Simply alert the company beforehand and they will ensure the car you want (down to specific colors and with options like satellite navigation) arrives. For those staying local, they also offer chauffeur service.

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Establishing itself as the go-to place for the discerning traveler, Cool Cars 4 Hire is a fresh, stress-free take on getting out of town.