FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter

A simple solution to keeping basic Bic lighters safe and secure for outdoor adventures

FireSleeve-1.jpg Firesleeve-2.jpg

With fall officially upon those in the northern hemisphere, cold weather camping season has arrived as well. Few images propel us into the outdoors quite like that of a warm campfire with friends. While classic flint and tinder fire-starters are a great resource, in wet conditions nothing beats the reliability and consistency of a basic Bic lighter. To keep this essential piece of survival equipment safe, outdoor brand Exotac recently introduced the FireSLEEVE, a reusable, waterproof rubber sleeve capable of extending the life of a lighter to ensure you have fire when you need it most.


Though the waterproofing is obviously a strong selling point, the resilient sleeve also protects the gas button from being accidentally pressed in transit and can be adjusted to secure the gas button in place, allowing you to hold the lit lighter from the end when lighting fires or butane gas camp stoves. For more details on the American-made tool, visit the FireSLEEVE Kickstarter, where $15 secures a sleeve.

Images courtesy of Exotac