The First Black Woman to Visit Every Country, Jessica Nabongo

When Jessica Nabongo reached Seychelles in October of 2019, she became the first Black woman to visit every country, an achievement (tracked and verified by NomadMania) that fewer than 300 people have ever earned. Now, she’s providing insight into her journey in The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World. Published by National Geographic, the 400-page book compiles Nabongo’s personal photographs and vignettes from 100 of the countries she visited along with what she learned along the way, like finding an innate good in people and the similarities that connect us all. “People are people—we’re all different, but we’re all similar in that we’re all just people,” says the author. “I hope that reading this book normalizes everything. That we stop thinking of the exotic and we start thinking of the world as one giant neighborhood.” Learn more at AFAR.

Image courtesy of Jessica Nabongo/National Geographic Books