Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The world's ugliest dog, pictures from Pride, why your hangovers are getting worse and more in this week's look at the web

1. Bill Cunningham, in His Own Words

Many notable people have shared what it’s like to be photographed—and starstruck—by Bill Cunningham (Anna Wintour once said, “We all dress for Bill”) but Cunningham in his own words is a heartwarming and emotional read—especially as the 2002 article was republished this past weekend when the beloved photographer passed away at 87 years old. “Bill Cunningham on Bill Cunningham” is fascinating, funny and entirely charming. Cunningham, who was famously recognizable around the city in his royal blue jacket and usually on his bike, begins his piece with, “The problem is I’m not a good photographer. To be perfectly honest, I’m too shy. Not aggressive enough. Well, I’m not aggressive at all. I just loved to see wonderfully dressed women, and I still do. That’s all there is to it.” Read more at NY Times.

2. The World’s Ugliest Dog 2016

A little Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix named Sweepee Rambo has just been crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog 2016. The 17-year-old pooch has fly-away fur, is blind and weighs a minuscule four pounds. Her owner Jason Wurtz (of Encino, CA) says she’s his “ride or die chick.” Sweepee Rambo has a certain charm though, proving that all dogs are actually adorable, in their own way.

3. Facebook is Changing Its News Feed Algorithm

As we all grow accustomed to Instagram’s (much complained about) new algorithm, over the coming weeks your Facebook feed is also going to change. Users of the social media platform can expect to see more wedding photos, personal announcements and less news, thanks to the update. Adam Mosseri (Facebook’s VP of product management) says “Facebook was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family.” This might mean a decline in publishers’ page traffic, but will almost certainly result in more baby photos in your feed.

4. Photos from NYC’s 2016 Pride March

In a Pride parade that was celebratory as well as heartbreakingly reflective, NYC’s LGBTQIA community and its allies were out in huge numbers last weekend. With some 30K+ people marching and 1.6 million spectators, the march was apparently the biggest in the world. While there were plenty of playful, sparkly and skimpy outfits; rainbows aplenty; dancing and smiling faces; there were also solemn moments. The Gays Against Guns group performed die-ins throughout and carried a banner that said “Republican Hate Kills,” while other marchers (dressed in all-white and veils) carried photos and names of victims who died in the recent Orlando massacre. The balance between sorrow and jubilation perfectly outlined why we all need to continue to fight.

5. Caught in the Act: Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Perhaps taking a nod from popular (though no longer active) Tumblr account Sad Desk Lunches, Brian Finke further “celebrates the sadness.” His “Desktop Dining” photo series is simple, but effective—and awkward. Some 30 photographs outline people who don’t have a decent work/life balance: typing with pizza dangling from their mouths, spooning soup as they’re on the phone, and one worker who has an impressive selection of hot sauces at his desk. It’s a funny but thoughtful series that serves as a good reminder that we should all get up, stretch our legs, and take a break. Read the interview with Finke at Wired.

6. Where to Watch the Fourth of July Fireworks in NYC

Patriotism aside, fireworks always fill us with a little bit of childlike wonder. So, despite whether you’re feeling particularly optimistic or pessimistic about the upcoming election and state of the country, purveyors of city knowhow Time Out have offered up a list of the best spots to watch the fireworks in NYC this year. From public parks to pizza places and bars, check out the selection of venues for viewing the display that offers magic to everyone.

7. Why Your Hangovers Are Getting Worse

You’re not imagining things: this Monday morning hangover might be harder than last simply because you’re a week older. Hangovers get worse with age for a few reasons. One is that a liver enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (which works to transform the alcohol) decreases with age. Another is body fat, which doesn’t absorb alcohol, but also increases with age—essentially meaning our bodies run out of space to store the booze. Grab a glass of water and read more about how aging is the pits at NY Mag.

8. How The Beach Became a Vacation Spot

While a beach vacation seems like a no-brainer these days, it wasn’t always the case. For an incredibly long time (antiquity to the 18th century) the seashore was a place of danger. The coast was known as where natural disasters and shipwrecks occurred; lives were lost. Classic myths were synonymous with the wrath and power of the ocean. But somehow, around the mid-18th century, Europeans started believing in the benefits of fresh air, exercise and bathing in the sea. Soon, swimming in the ocean was used as a treatment for anything and everything: “melancholy, rickets, leprosy, gout, impotence, tubercular infections, menstrual problems and ‘hysteria.'” Eventually, the power of the ocean was seen as a beautiful thing, rather than a frightening one. Read more at Smithsonian.

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