Cool Hunting Video Presents: 2006 NYC Tattoo Convention

We visit the seventh annual NYC Tattoo Convention to meet with a couple luminaries in the world of ink

On 21 May we visited the seventh annual NYC Tattoo Convention at the Roseland Ballroom in Midtown Manhattan. We captured the performance of Lucky Diamond Rich, the most tattooed person in the world and met with Spider Webb, perhaps the most rebellious tattooist in history. Spider Webb was at the forefront of the movement to legalize tattooing in New York City during it’s city wide ban from 1961 to 1998. Lucky Diamond Rich has been tattooed in 45 cities by 136 international tattoo artists. We caught up with Lucky on the Lower East Side of NYC after the show and discussed the life of tattoos. The following is an episode that reveals a brief glimpse into the world of ink. Headphones are suggested but not mandatory.