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27 Sarcophagi Discovered South of Cairo

Found in the mass burial ground known as Saqqara, 27 unopened 2,500-year-old sarcophagi tease the possibility of many more. They were found in shafts as deep as 30 feet below surface level in two plots—13 in one and 14 in the other. Largely preserved and seemingly unopened since buried, they offer in-depth looks at the art used to adorn the dead and the methods of mummification. Saqqara is a hotspot for archaeological excavations, given it was the site of burial grounds for the Egyptian capital Memphis—just 12 miles from the Pyramids of Giza. Researchers have found mummified cats, dogs, buried treasures and troves of ancient objects, and are certain more remains buried. Read more at Vice.

Image courtesy of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities 

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