40 Artists Illustrate The Concept of Anxiety for EYEYAH! Kids’ Magazine

For its sixth issue, Singapore-based kids’ magazine EYEYAH! asked an international array of digital artists and designers to illustrate what they believe the word “anxiety” looks and feels like, as well as ways to overcome it. The resulting 40 images offer numerous perspectives: some hopeful, others overwhelming, all colorful. EYEYAH! co-founders Tanya Wilson and Steve Lawler created the award-winning publication to help children cope with the demands of the present day, and to grow into socially and environmentally conscious adults. “The topic of anxiety could not be more relevant and there is a need to approach it from a new perspective,” they say in a statement. “Visuals speak directly to the sub-consciousness and trigger readers to slow down, observe, analyze and interpret each image to see how it might relate to their own lives.” See more of the powerful artworks at designboom.

Image courtesy of EYEYAH!